Our Services

Measure Change supports strategy development and decision-making processes within your organisation through modelling, data analytics, software development and project management services. We focus on energy, transport, water, waste and carbon farming projects with positive environmental and social outcomes.

Measure Change works globally with corporations, government, NGOs, startups, asset managers, engineering consultancies and professional services firms. Our services are used by our clients, large or small, to measure and implement change, whether it be evaluating a business plan, measuring the environmental performance of an asset, or developing regional or city-wide emission reduction pathways.

How can we help your organisation?

  • Modelling the energy performance of a building or asset, incorporating heating, cooling, renewables and battery storage calibrated against public and private data sets
  • Analysis of operational data for insight into key processes and performance measures
  • Optimal sizing of PV and battery storage configurations
  • Virtual power plant modelling
  • Development of water efficiency and reuse strategies at a city, precinct or site level
  • Integrated analysis and modelling of potable water, wastewater and stormwater performance
  • Analysis and modelling of travel patterns and modes using census, cellular and planning data
  • Development of effective VMT/VKT reduction strategies
  • Impact analysis of Future Mobility on cities
  • Project assessment and management
  • GIS vegetation analysis
  • Offset report generation
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Waste measurement and reporting
  • Development of waste minimisation strategies
  • Estimation of the emissions impact of waste streams

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